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Why are galvanized gutters THE WAY TO GO?

In some things, the old way is still the best way. This is true in gutters and downspouts. A soldered galvanized or copper gutter job is stronger, better looking, and will last far longer than any non-iron job. We have done many jobs that are still in place, not leaking and add to the looks of the house thirty years later. Solder will outlast any glue or mastic in an outdoor situation. You can put a ladder against "galvy" gutters without leaving a dent. Other materials (aluminum, etc.) will cost much less and not need painting, but will need to be replaced far sooner. Quality costs more, and so does longevity. But not that much more. Call today for a free estimate for a gutter and downspout system that should last 25 years minimum. I personally do every job and will guarantee that it will look good and last.
— Steve Ortiz

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